Let's list down what have been done and what have NOT been done...in red semua belum settle lagi..byknya merahhhh!!! waaaaa

Kursus Kawen : done! (Zura's Akademik)
Daftar Kawen : May nnt baru 'bergerak'..plan to take leave on 20 and 21 May...

Wedding bands : settled

Wedding Favors : already ordered and some dah beli

Photographer : confirmed Arif (full payment have been made on 28/3/2010)

Wedding dresses : for reception 15 May fitting and baju nikah almost done and the selendang for nikah dlm proses..

Accessories : tak fikir and tak cari lagi

Dais, deco and hand bouquets for nikah and reception : Diyana Shukor (deposit paid) and Rinssuzanna.com

Barang hantaran : incomplete!!! on the way...still mencari..

HIV Test : settled!

Guest List : in progress..

Catering : papa took care of it (booked!!)

Bridesmaid for reception : Sabrina my cousin, kain dah bagi..(TQVM dear)

Theme Color : White red black

Wedding songs : kena burn semula..to remind zali...

Invitation cards : Already booked and approved the art work (kadkahwinku.com- 22/5/2010 can collect)..

Dewan for reception : already booked according to papa..

Make up artist : Ian Sham (deposit already paid)

Wedding Cake : inform zali to ask his friend sha..(to remind him again and again)

Henna : June baru cari..just a simple one..

Barang2 nak hias hantaran : tak beli lagi, June blh start cari..a week before nikah boleh buat..DIY

Songkok, Butang Baju Melayu and Sampin for Zali : to remind Zali!!

Guest book for reception - ordered from Sweet Design..(deposit paid on 12/4/2010)

wedding slides - still searching..

will keeep on updating from time to time..