Let's list down what have been done and what have NOT been done...in less than 2 months more to go..let's SCREAMMMM arghhhhhhhh!!!

Daftar Kawen : both of us already got our Kebenaran Untuk Bernikah!! yipeee..Alhamdulillah..pendek kata, we all boleh nikah anytime and anywhere we like!! hahahah *kidding*
Wedding bands : settled since time of immemorial..hihihi lama dah beli..

Wedding Favors : take it as Settled..(tqvm Mama Comel)
Photographer : confirmed Arif (full payment have been made on 28/3/2010)

Wedding dresses : wedding dress for nikah dah ambil dah from Keyra Mansor on 20th May last week, and my wedding dress for reception according to RR, by end of this month boleh ambil since nothing to be altered..everything just fine..yipeee!!
Accessories : later2 lah..

Dais, deco and hand bouquets for nikah and reception : Diyana Shukor (deposit paid) and she will come to fix in the dais on 15th July and Rinssuzanna.com on the night before reception..
Barang hantaran : incomplete!!! on the way...still mencari for my part je..
Guest List : in progress..
Catering : papa took care of it (booked!!) and settled (i guess)

Bridesmaid for reception : Sabrina my cousin, kain dah bagi..(TQVM dear)
Theme Color : White red black
Wedding songs : dah 'burnt'..cuma kena burn in MP3 format pulak.. just in case..
Invitation cards : Already booked and approved the art work..supposedly on 22 May boleh collect, but happen to be, someone's sabotaged the said printing company (or sabotage my wedding ke?), so need to re-print the inlay again..kena sabar..

Dewan for reception : booked and settled! Dewan Banquet MPDRMKL
Make up artist : Ian Sham (deposit already paid)

Wedding Cake : Amy's friend..two-tier cake with cupcakes..
Henna : later2 lah..
Barang2 nak hias hantaran : DIY..mama dah tolong belikan sikit2..again, TQVM mama comel..>;)
Songkok, Butang Baju Melayu and Sampin for Zali : need to remind zali for the songkok je, the rest his mum will take care of it..
Guest book for reception - ordered from Sweet Design..(deposit paid on 12/4/2010)

wedding slides - zali's friend willingly to do it for us..alhamdulillah..TQVM whoever u are..
wedding dress for reception on 18th July (zali's side) + Make up - already booked from Nilam Sari Bridal..this was done last minute..thank god i managed to find one..a very affordable package which includes both wedding outfits for Bridegroom, accessories and make up..

Imam jurunikah - to remind papa to call Dr.Zainal Aini (if i'm not mistaken) to inform him the date..

waaa what else? what else? my brain sudah tepu..can't think much..ok, need to continue doing my grounds of judgment..ta ta all!


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