Hi people..

I need you to do me a favour, STOP ASKING ME HOW MUCH IS MY WANG HANTARAN? is it a problem to you for not knowing how much hantaran i'm gonna get from my future husband? I'm nobody, so i dun deserve much. Enough said. Furthermore, I think it would be more appropriate, if this is discussed and make known among family jer. Betul tak?

Therefore, if you ask something that i feel reluctant to answer and keep on giving thousands of excuses(sendiri mau ingat lah kan), oh, that's a hint, so pls stop and lets change the topic. Kalau tanya sbb nak memberi pendapat, yes, i have no problem with that. Tp mmg tak berkenan dgn soalan2 yang berbaur QAYPOCHI ni..from the way u ask, i can tell..

sorry if this post 'tersasar dr matlamat'. But, to all B2B, this is another FAQ that you will have to face. Ada yg suka org tanya, ada yg tak suka org tanya and ade jugak yg tak kisah klu org tanya. It depends. But for me, it totally irritating. Bila cakap 'saya nak kawen'. Mesti adeeeeee je soalan 'oh yeke, brp hantaran?'..Oh pleaseeee, perlu ke?

to da loo...


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