Hello people!!

I'm a bit relieved now, even not 100%. This is because, last Saturday, after finished my weekend "remand duty", my fiance and me went to the Gardens for shopping (untuk barang hantaran nnt..kan still not settled!). We have managed to buy watch for zali, fragrance set for both of us and a few make-ups for me. Actually we want to buy more; baju, seluar, kasut etc, but because of the time constraint (zali got something to do), plus the crowds yang memeningkan kepala kami, we decided to go home je and continue shopping next weekend (InshaAllah). So, our next shopping apa nak cari eh..hermmmm...Best jugak shopping sikit2 ni, so that every weeknd boleh jalan2 at shopping mall!! I likeeeeee..especially shopping with the 'love' one.. *wink wink*

to da loo...


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